Sandra F. Anderson

M.A., Counseling Psychology

Certified Professional Coach

Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner

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Before You Hire a Coach

Check out the coach’s qualifications to coach you. In addition to my experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am confident that my increased commissioning as a Certified Professional Coach and an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner will serve you. This credential comes from iPEC, a premier coach training institute

What to Expect from Me

   • A supportive listener

   • Motivational presence

   • Action-oriented

What I Expect from You

   • Show up

   • Invest to get results

   • Follow through on

Re-Visioning Brings…

clarity around your goals. Using Core Energy Coaching™, you will quickly move forward toward achieving them.

What if you have been frustrated about the dead ends?

What if you have been feeling stuck and stressed?

What if you have pored over the options and come up empty?

What if it really is not too late? In fact, it’s never too late to take yourself in a new direction!

You have a dream, but for some reason, life circumstances are preventing you from moving forward to achieve your goals.  You feel stuck where you are, and don’t know how to navigate out of your current box to begin the journey toward achieving your life dream.

Does this describe you?  If it does, you are a great candidate for Core Energy Coaching!™

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The unique experience of Re-Vision You Coaching is that you will begin to understand how you are using your personal energy and determine whether your uses are building you up or tearing you down. Take a look at the Energetic Perception Chart for more clues. 

At your core, you live by a set of values.  However, most people are not fully aware of what their core values are.  It is critical for effective forward progress to fully understand what core values  are of the highest importance to you. For an increased sense of what may be helping you or holding you back, we offer a complimentary Values Assessment. 

Applying Core Energy tools updates the filters through which you’ve been viewing life. You’ll see people, situations and work in a more productive way.

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