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I am offering the Energy Leadership Index with a Master Practitioner Debrief for a nominal price of $99. This is a $249 value, and a fantastic opportunity! So give it a few moments’ thought, take the plunge and

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Cheers to you for deciding to invest in the Energy Leadership Index! It’s a very interesting experience, I assure you! The Index is going to reel in your preferred styles of looking at the world and operating in it, and net a report about your approach to your career and your relationships. It may surprise you and give you valuable, new insights that open up ways for you to move toward what you want.

Like others, you may have a strong sense of wanting more, of achieving more satisfaction in your life. Maybe you see it in your workplace. Gallup tells us that 70% of employees are unhappy with their jobs and yearn for change. If you are unclear about how to move toward higher levels of fulfillment, a debrief from the ELI may just help you map it out and spotlight how a coaching plan can get you on the road to your dreams.

Don’t you just feel in the flow of things when you can grab a piece of work and watch it stream on to completion? That’s the kind of positive energy coaches love to champion. If negative energy is holding you back, draining the life out of you, then the ELI helps you identify where and how the blockages show up, and your coach can help you kick it out and adopt more positive ways of engaging.

About The Index

On average it takes a person 15 to 20 minutes, no more, to fill out the Index and submit it to iPEC. Once I get your assessment, you and I will schedule an hour or so to go over the results in detail. And I have to confess that I get goosebumps whenever my client has an insight that changes something for him or her. I’m excited every time!

I am ready to take the Energy Leadership Index for $99.00!

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